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No matter your past or present, your haves or have nots, life can be difficult. I believe that people want and need to be understood – to feel validated and acknowledged in the midst of their pain. Without these moments of understanding, life can feel mundane, lonely or deeply confusing. At the most troubling times, when stress, depression, or relationships overwhelm, change can seem impossible. Yet change and healing are made possible through a trusting therapeutic relationship, and a careful understanding of oneself, and others.


As we journey through life, our past is present with us always. Yet, there are large parts of our experience that operate in the background, without our awareness, impacting our everyday life. It is in learning about ourselves and unpacking our story, that we uncover a deeper, more complete truth about our lives, and confront the pain and fears that trouble us most. Through careful listening, cultural sensitivity, honesty, and effort, therapy offers an affirming space where your life's story can be explored and healing can take place.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • Specializing in psychotherapy for adolescents, adults, and couples

  • Expertise in working with relational concerns, trauma, gender and racial oppression, and an other concerns


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  • Individual therapy for adolescents and adults

  • Couples therapy for opposite-sex, same-sex or gender non-conforming couples


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  • The Initial Consultation

  • Insurance and Fees

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